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Speed Math Training

Speed Math Training

Months ago, I began the mission to improve my speed math skills. I sat down with Rob and we discussed how we should tackle the journey. Basically, there were so many ways to start; we did not know where to begin.
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I began by deciding to memorise all the times tables between 1-10 x 2-25. Rob initially felt that was a lengthy task which seemed irrelevant. I admit I thought it would take much less time than first thought, but I did so based on the rationale that when given low questions such as; 0.04×0.16, to be able to know what 4×16 is by sight (no thinking, less than a second) would be a life saver in aptitude tests such as those at Optiver.

Months later, I see huge benefits to having done this. For the most part, division is a lot more efficient due to the memorisation of the times tables, but the greatest benefit has been the massive increase in mental aptitude and sharpness. The downside is, the process required a lot of structure to be motivated, goal setting and efficient, as well utilise a really good way memorise the tables; details of such as covered in my book “The Art Of Speed Arithmetic”.

Furthermore, we began by practicing simple addition. Nailing one integer (i.e. 7+8) with a goal of 0.7 seconds per question (0.85 on average). This was quite easy to be honest, just requires some short bursts of consistent practice on Speed Math Resource Number 1. Then we moved to two integer addition. Admittedly, I struggled to excel in this area. I was like any other student; on the game I couldn’t beat 7 stars. I was using an extremely inefficient method, and because of using this method, I hated doing larger addition, because it took me way too long. Then with some research and experimentation, I found a new approach. With a small amount of practice, I literally saw an increase to consistent 10 stars on the game, with my time to complete the questions only a fraction of what they were before. For those who are interested, I have detailed full examples and outlined this method in my book.

Shortly after this I began to practice my subtraction and found that ironically, it wasn’t as easy as I had originally figure. I first thought that, “if I learn addition, subtraction will come naturally”, well no, wrong. It requires a similar approach that needs a whole added way of thinking. Excitingly, it’s easy enough to learn to those willing to take up the challenge.

The biggest thing I learnt in the last few months is that with some consistent practice, and efficient methods, literally anyone can see huge results. I am now a lot more confident in my ability to do extremely well in the aptitude tests. There is much more to learn, much more challenging bits and pieces, however, I can get there with continued passion and hard work.

Much progress has occurred recently. I’ve ventured much further in to speed math and seen dramatic improvements in my performance. Obviously things slowed down over the Christmas and New Year break, inevitably I saw a poor performance upon returning to practice first week in January; however with a short amount of practice, things were back on track.

I’ve began developing and learning processes to do multiplication problems such as 4 x 82, and spent a long time develop processes for division such as 849 / 6 (discover amazing speed math at I spent a while on division, and changed my mental process a few times before settling on what I truly feel is the strongest process. Looking back, I can remember fretting how I was terrible with division, and now with the right process and a bit of practice, I think it’s one the easiest things one can do!

Rob & I frequently sit down and say wow, look how far we’ve come it’s much more motivating, because now when I think of those aptitude tests, all I think of is that it really, truly is quite possible to not only pass but nail those questions.

The side of the coin was addition and subtraction. I began to practice the process of carrying numbers in addition through large questions such as 345756 + 234981 and 234965 – 85622 (learn free amazing speed math at It seems difficult but after I learnt the ways and developed a few tricks of my own, the questions are simple! I will note however, that subtraction requires much more focus.

Most recently, I’ve undertaken the speed mathematical challenge of doing 2 integer by 2 integer multiplication. This math is quite easy to complete using the correct system, but doing so in your head can be tedious when you’re trying to remember numbers. The skill does improve with practice. It is much easier to begin doing these questions by practicing squaring 2 digit numbers.

After months of intensive practice and tons of research I’ve come extremely far. As such, I’ve decided to develop a book that I personally feel, should exist on the market for students with similar passions to myself. All methods above, with full explanations and a complete system to follow and develop your abilities will be included in the Student 2 Trader book “The Art Of Speed Arithmetic” (learn free amazing math at

The Genewize Fraud Finally Exposed!

The Genewize Fraud Finally Exposed!

Not everyone seems to be buying into the customized nutritional supplements hype surrounding Genewize and their revolutionary breakthrough in science. Many are skeptical and believe that it’s really a fraud under the disguise of a DNA assessment being performed by some self proclaimed scientists claiming to have finally cracked the genetic code in humans.

Scientific Research and Development has made major discoveries in the land, water and air with sophisticated technology, but even with that said have we really reached the level of being able to pinpoint our nutritional deficiencies and health dispositions in our genetic make-up from a simple self administered swab of the cheek sample? Many have disagreed with this belief from the first mentioning of study.

This has led to an intense all out investigation into the Genewize fraud suspicions by various groups of self proclaimed highly intelligent individuals who are non related to the research and development of nutrition/genes. The truth is finally exposed based on the latest findings and the results have taken the entire Health, Beauty and Wellness Industry by storm.

The fact’s have been revealed and the Genewize fraud finally exposed: The truth is that the mysterious self proclaimed scientist performing the DNA assessments are actually some of the world’s leading scientists, nutritionists, and highly trained Doctor’s in the field of nutrition, genetics and life science who have scientifically proven that they have cracked the genetic code and are able to now provide solutions to various health and nutrition related dispositions within the human body with DNA based supplements created exclusively for the recipient based on their own DNA.

As a matter of fact, the mysterious group of self proclaimed scientist have 100 years of combined experience and are world leading scientists behind the Life Sciences Company GeneLink which has been in business for 16 years.

In 2004, Genelink completed the “genome project ” and have now perfected the process of formulating high potency nutritional supplement’s and skin serum from a DNA assessment also known as the healthy aging assessment test/report.

In 2008, Genewize Life Sciences company was formed as the marketing arm of Genelink to bring to market what is now known as the LifeMap Nutrition System. And is now the first and leading the frontier in the Health, Beauty and Wellness Industry for customized nutrition supplements and creating quite a buzz globally.

The Wellness industry has a new leader and the competition, well there isn’t any. Genewize is the only company in the Health, Beauty, and Wellness industry providing customized nutritional supplements based on your own DNA.

Genewize Lifemap nutrition system is scientifically proven to make a difference in the health of the world as we know it. And is also said to be the next trillion dollar industry capable of producing large lifetime residual income’s for those who recognize the opportunity at hand.

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer To Watch Out For

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer To Watch Out For

The chances of surgically removed breast cancer relapsing is reduced by following surgery with radiation therapy. This therapy is important and should not be skipped if you dont want your cancer to reoccur.

The constant research work on breast cancer has shown a strong link between high fatty foods and breast cancer. Countries with staple food based diets like Japan of the 1950s have recorded minimal occurrence of breast cancer. With this, I’m sure you will want to watch out for the fat content of your food.

It doesnt matter whether breast cancer has affected your mother and grandmother and they both died from it, you dont have to die from it too. You see, modern science has advanced so strongly that the diseases that used to kill people in the past no longer kill. If your breast cancer is discovered very early on, you can be sure you wont die. So, always ensure you examine your breasts for any signs of tumor. That can save your life.

Progesterone is known to help stabilize the level of other hormone present in your body. Stabilizing these hormonal balance can help prevent the development of breast cancer in your breast tissues. Progesterone can be gotten topically from progesterone containing creams.

Cancer can hit you in any part of the body. Breast cancer is simply the type that strikes you in the chest. Some folks think that only women get this, but that is not true; men contract it also. What people should focus on is how to put an end to the disease, starting with detecting it in good time before it spreads all over the body and causes much more damage

Breast cancer is almost painless at the initial stage; this has made early detection somewhat difficult. One of the symptoms however that can be felt early enough is armpit itching. The itching can even extend beyond the armpit and extend to the surroundings of the breast. Although this is not a must feel symptom before breast cancer can be diagnosed, it is advised that you take note and report all irregular cases of armpit itching.

Breast cancer is usually characterized with changes in the size of the breast. However a drastic change in your breast size does not necessarily confirm the presence of cancer cells. If you notice differences in your breast size, it is advised that you seek medical attention to determine the cause.

Breast cancer is usually characterized with changes in the size of the breast. However a drastic change in your breast size does not necessarily confirm the presence of cancer cells. If you notice differences in your breast size, it is advised that you seek medical attention to determine the cause.

A step to the quick detection of breast cancer is regular examination of the breast by oneself for lumps and irregular shape and size. The examination is however not effective in some breast that has been augmented or implanted, as a lump in an augmented breast may not be detectable because of the alteration on the breast. Before you go for breast reform ensure that it is not the type that will not make lump detection impossible.

A lot of women want to know the effect of our diet on the development of breast cancer. I’ll say since our body can be physically and genetically modified by the kind of food we eat, it is logical to believe that food plays an important role in the development of breast cancer. With this being said, you should remember that one man’s meat is another’s poison so have your doctor review your diet for it is only him/her that can say if the kind of food you eat can encourage the development of breast cancer or not.

Do you want to prevent or reduce your chances having breast cancer? If yes then you should reduce your alcohol consumption, engage in regular exercise and when you have the opportunity to, breast feed. These tips are simple but can actually save you from having breast cancer.

A bad side effect of breast cancer treatment is the experiencing of a premature menopause. This makes the virginal dry, and sex more painful than fun. If you are experiencing this after your breast cancer treatment, you should see your doctor immediately and have him/her refer you to a sex related defect professional.

Lump in the armpit can be breast cancer. The breast cancer lumps do not have to be on or within the breast, it can be in the armpit too. So while examining yourself monthly, you should check your armpit as well for such lumps. But of course, note that sometimes, lumps in the armpit can be signs of pregnancy. Just ensure you get it examined by your doctor, if and when you discover any such lumps.

Before opting for the radiation treatment mode for breast cancer, you should be fully informed of the danger associated with it. Although it can prevent the removal of the affected breast, it posses danger to the other cells around the treated region. Fully know this before taking it up.

Pinpointing the exact cause of breast cancer is no longer a priority as it has been noted that different peoples cancer is caused by different free radicals in the body. However some risk factors has been established like excessive amount of estrogen and alcohol contained in blood, too much fat deposit and also hormone therapy known to cause an imbalance in the bodys hormonal balance. Taking note of these risk factors can help you steer clear of breast cancer.

Do you know that a lot of people have lost a full breast to the treatment of breast cancer? This is as a result of late detection of the cancer tumor within the breast region. An early detection can require a lumpectomy operation while a late detection may warrant the cutting off of the entire breast.

NHS Locums and the Great Healthcare Debate

NHS Locums and the Great Healthcare Debate

The recent criticism of the increase in the amount spent on locum doctors by the NHS over the last two years and the subsequent speculation over whether or not patient care has suffered as a direct result has served to underline the importance of ensuring high standards in the medical recruitment industry.

Amid all the wrangling between unions, healthcare bosses, politicians and front-line staff, that most pertinent and worthy of questions “Was it worth it?” is perhaps the only line that can be drawn under the debate. The money has been spent. So what then of the services rendered?

With the spectre of healthcare cuts looming overhead, this climate of heightened scrutiny surrounding the use, and indeed, performance of locum doctors, nurses and other specialists is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. The merits of it are threefold. Firstly, an increased demand for the very best professionals and expertise.

Secondly, a thrust towards a more responsible, structured and consistent recruitment market. And thirdly, and most importantly, an assurance to patients that their healthcare providers are seeking top quality staffing solutions – both temporary and permanent – from top quality staffing providers.

The 19th Century American physician Oliver Wendall Holmes once wrote “Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust”. In the business of healthcare, these are words to be ignored at one’s peril. At its most extreme, in no other sector can a financial decision result so directly in a life/death defining outcome and this is the key reason why the debate over increased expenditure on locums has gathered such momentum. For healthcare providers in need of finding expert manpower, often at short notice, it ultimately boils down to placing trust in an agency that not only understands their needs but is also able to offer them the highest quality candidates available.

The NHS is facing a staffing shortage. The debate about increased expenditure on locums will continue, drawing ever more attention to their role in the system. Regardless of this, the bottom line for healthcare providers is that there are temporary posts that need filling. Do it right and you get a professional and flexible workforce. Do it wrong and it is not just reputations but lives that are placed on the line.

Dental Marketing Company Mini Dental Implants

Dental Marketing Company Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are becoming more and more popular today in the dental marketing company. Dr. Larry Stroud, a cosmetic dentist from Louisville, KY, and founder of Smiles Studio at Valley Dental, will share to you everything about mini dental implants. He got involved with mini implants about 5 years ago. He will share to you how he got involved with mini dental implants in the dental marketing company. And he will also share to you who the candidates are for these mini implants and how it changes the lives of dental patients. And this is something that we focus specifically at our dental marketing company website!

Dr. Larry Stroud On Mini Dental Implants…

Today in the dental marketing company, mini dental implants are becoming more and more popular than ever as many dental patients opt for this kind of dental treatment. First, what is a mini dental implant? It actually looks like a long screw that acts as a supporting structure. And at the present, these are replacing the traditional surgical implants. Before, surgical implants were the best options for people that have struggled so hard with their dentures (especially lower dentures) and they can’t wire them, they can’t keep the things in, they can’t eat, they rub, and most especially they hurt. Although such surgical implants were good options, the thing is that a lot of people I found really don’t want to go through all the extensive surgery (a big surgical process) involved. Mini dental implants cost less than the traditional implants, and a lot less healing and recovery time. It just goes very quickly with these implants. So this is why such implants are becoming more and more popular these days. In my dental practice, statistics show that there is a percentage of about 95% or so of success rate on mini dental implants. It definitely does work! We’re doing it for a lot of people/dental patients; and there are over a thousand dentists that we know of right now that are doing these things across the country!

As for the category of patients who can be candidates for dental implants, they can be patients who are missing one tooth, patients who are wearing partials (and they hate those partials!), patients who are wearing dentures and they’re uncomfortable with it due to the irritations, rubbing and sores they cause, and even teenagers that are missing some front teeth that just do not form and undeveloped. In our practice in the dental marketing company, we have done these mini dental implants on patients from age 15 to 88. You see, if you get these implants early enough, then you can probably stop that “snowball effect” from happening. Let’s say for example there is a person who’s missing one or two teeth. If he will have those teeth replaced pretty soon and support the other teeth, it would just help from the deterioration of the other teeth and it will stop the downhill process.

Having these mini dental implants in the dental marketing company can truly change the lives of the dental patients. They’ll pay less for it, get rid of the hassle of the extensive surgery involved with traditional surgical implants, and they will have a lot less healing and recovery time with the process. So if you are missing a teeth and you want them to be replaced as soon as possible, go with mini dental implants… and I assure you that this is the dental treatment that is just right for you!

Natural Toothpaste Safer And Cheaper Way To Treat Gum Disease

Natural Toothpaste Safer And Cheaper Way To Treat Gum Disease

If you think that brushing daily with the most expensive toothpaste can prevent mouth problems, better think again. Pricey toothpaste does not guarantee anything nor can brushing your teeth several times daily, as only specially formulated toothpaste free of chemicals effectively stop the problem from developing.

Why Natural And Specially Formulated Toothpaste Works Better?

The fact that natural toothpaste does not contain any chemicals, synthetic ingredients or detergents already makes it a good choice. But of course, the most important reason why it is better to use formulated toothpaste is that it can prevent the bacteria from multiplying and even treat gum disease on some cases.

Apart from the fact that specially formulated toothpaste contains no potentially harmful ingredients, manufacturers also, develop the toothpaste to overcome gum disease. The best thing of all, why natural toothpaste works is because the main ingredients are made of herbs and plants, use by ancient tribes for treating different illnesses such as oak barks, silver fir, yarrow, chamomile, nettle, etc.

Why Traditional Toothpaste Can Be Potentially Dangerous?

In case you are not aware, many people suffer from different mouth problems because of the wrong choice of toothpaste. So, do not be surprised that you experience frequent cold sores as some commercial toothpaste, particularly those containing detergent cause irritation.

Why Consider Natural Toothpaste with Special Ingredients If You Have Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a serious mouth problem, with symptoms like bad breath and bleeding gums. A condition that could affect anyone, above all older people but it does not mean that younger people are not susceptible because they can suffer from gingivitis a mild form of the periodontal (gum) disease.

Keep in mind that bacteria live inside the mouth and every time you eat and drink the bacteria can accumulate if not remove. Once it began to multiply, plaque will form around the teeth and when you still ignore the problem, it can turn into tartar and then gingivitis.

It is important that you kill the bacteria that lurks inside your mouth, before it starts to multiply. You can eliminate the bacteria when you brush your teeth with toothpaste designed to keep your breath fresh and free of plaque. Take note, commercial toothpaste will only keep the breath fresh but do not expect it to stop bacteria from accumulating or even treat gum disease.

Natural Toothpaste Is Safer and Cheaper Way To Treat Gum Disease

The problem with gum disease is that it is not just painful, irritating and embarrassing to have but the treatment can also be very expensive. If you are suffering from any mouth problems, do not expect that life would be easy because you will not just spend a great deal of money in dental services but would also have to endure discomfort that comes with the different treatments.

Now, using toothpaste to prevent and treat gum disease is a wise choice because you do not have to spend a lot of money just to save your teeth. You can safely protect your teeth with the right choice of toothpaste.

Nopalea Cactus Juice

Nopalea Cactus Juice

All living creatures depend on nature and natures products (plants, animals and minerals) for basic sustenance and Nopalea is one such product. For centuries, man has depended on the products of nature not only for basic sustenance, but also as sources of treatment for bodily injury, illness and the myriad maladies that can affect the human body system.
Nopalea A Natural Product

Even today, given vast advances in science and technology, virtually all (if not all) health and medicinal products consumed by man are derived, in some shape or form, from natures products. Penicillin, for example, comes from plant mold.

Today man is again turning to nature and the scientific community, to find products from nature that possess the power to sustain, heal and manage the human body system in a way that promotes better living and freedom from conditions that can debilitate the human body and spirit. This is for several reasons:

First, today, people throughout the world are increasingly concerned about their health and the positive and negative effects of their food and beverage consumption (i.e. dietary intake of cholesterol, sugar, fats, especially saturated fats, sodium, etc.).

Second, there is increased consumer interest in natural products (i.e. whole foods and beverages without high levels of preservatives, produce grown organically, health supplements from natures plants that provide nutrients that have been lost in todays fast food, prepared and processed food, eat-on-the-run culture, etc.). By way of scientific explanation, Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst, a geochemist who works as a visiting scientist for a government nutrition research laboratory and heads 22nd Century Nutrition, a nutrition/scientific consulting company, stated in a 1998 article published in Nutrition Science News regarding essential BLOOM BLOOM phytochemicals that are found in natural fruits and vegetables that:

Third, in many counties, the United States in particular, there is increasing concern about the rising costs of health care. Furthermore, increased longevity and the increased likelihood of health disorders associated with aging are of growing concern. The high cost of health care is least affordable among the elderly.

Fourth, in some cases, unwanted and/or undesirable side effects are associated with prescription pharmaceuticals and their positive effects may by short lasting as against natural products that basically work from within, to help the human body maintain and strengthen itself.

In short, there is a significant and growing market throughout the world, for natural products that have special nutritional, health maintenance and medicinal benefits. Nopalea can provide such benefits. Among the primary areas of market opportunity are consumer concerns about:

Heart conditions (which have been associated with high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, saturated fats and sodium),

Obesity (which been associated with diets high in calories, sugar and saturated fats),

Immune system efficiency (Cancer, pathogen control, resistance to disease, etc.),

Digestive system efficiency (which requires dietary intake of fiber, particularly soluble fiber, pectins, mucilage and gums that aid in digestion and in reducing the effects of saturated fat and toxic substance intake) and
Nopalea Health Disorders

Certain health disorders to which certain segments of the population are or have become more susceptible. One example is Adult On-set (Type II) Diabetes, the incidence of which is rapidly increasing (particularly among Hispanics, Asians, Blacks and native American Indians).

Scientists in the United States and in other countries have in the past studied many plants and herbs in order to determine their nutritional content and to ascertain their medicinal properties and health benefits. Only recently, however, have scientists begun to focus on some of natures plants that were, prior to modern times, used for centuries both as a source of food and for their medicinal benefits. Nopalea fits this category.

Looking For Health Care Or Nursing Jobs Overseas

Looking For Health Care Or Nursing Jobs Overseas

If you are looking for health care or nursing jobs in New Zealand, then you’re headed towards a new life in a country that believes in the importance of a good work-life balance, offers an excellent standard of living and a wide range of positions available in your area of expertise. What else could you want?

The system is mainly funded by the state, and is well regarded in terms of standards and services offered when compared to other countries in the OECD. The government takes a large interest in the health of Kiwis and many services are either free or heavily subsidised, allowing many people to access the care they need. There are also a growing number of private providers, many of whom are still eligible to receive government subsidies.

Not everything is covered. A visit to the local GP will still cost a New Zealander money, (though less for the young or old) and dentists are not subsidised.

In general, those working in healthcare or nursing jobs in New Zealand are well respected and considered an important part of New Zealand’s society.

Kiwi’s tend to believe that it’s important to enjoy time away from work. While at work they tend to be focussed and put a lot of energy into their time, working hard to meet targets and goals, so that once they are away from it they can fully unwind and enjoy themselves. This is in part due to the great outdoors many enjoy walking, running, swimming and playing sport in. For those who prefer a quieter pace, sitting down outside a cafe or bar for a quiet drink at the end of the day is one of life’s little pleasures.

Many immigrants comment on how easy it is to slot into medical facilities and how much they enjoy being able to progress through their planned career path a little faster in this smaller and less populated country. They also comment on the friendliness of people, particularly if they have relocated to one of the smaller centres where their contribution is especially welcomed. Some even comment on how easy the commutes are, or the weekly shopping experiences, showing that for many it’s those little things that can make a big difference.

Making a decision to move to another country is about choosing to have your life ruled by more than your career, enjoying a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, while working in one of the many current vacancies available in health care and nursing jobs in New Zealand.

Anyone Can Get Breast Cancer!

Anyone Can Get Breast Cancer!

Dear Ladies,

Finally, after years of research, a way of eliminating breast cancer has been revealed-

These methods of fighting Breast Cancer are tried and true. They work. Ask any woman who has had breast cancer and tried this program. They will tell you first hand that what I am providing you is an authentic, tried and tested remedy.

Here is a list of reasons why you should use my methods:

To help you cope with your breast cancer as you take steps to get rid of it for good. (Initially, breast cancer may not cause any symptoms. A lump may be too small for you to feel or to cause any unusual changes you can notice on your own). To put in your hand a guide that will teach you how to eat correctly. To put in your hand a guide that will give you the reason and purpose for why you developed breast cancer and what you need to do about it. To teach you the proper way to exercise that will benefit you in the short and long term. To help you develop a body that will be free of breast cancer. If you take my program seriously and do exactly what it says, and apply it to your everyday life, the next time you go to your doctor, you will be pleasantly surprised.

There have been people who took to heart my instructions and found their breast cancer went away within two to three months. Some found relief sooner, depending on the stage the cancer was in.

You may not experience the same results, but if you follow my program closely, you will find your body responding in kind and you’ll begin to feel better, have more energy, and even enjoy physical relationships again..

Your next question will be ‘Why this Guide when there are so many in the Market?’

For one reason, all those books on the market tell you how to deal with breast cancer, not how to get rid of it, or how to prevent it.

After 20 years of research and testing, I found that those who knew the reason they developed breast cancer took steps to educate themselves so they would know how to get rid of it and prevent it from returning.

At that time they applied my methods and found their breast cancer went away in a short period of time, never to return. In some cases, the doctor they went to were amazed by what happened.

Plus, my methods are not found online or in bookstores.

When I came up with the solution that worked, I preserved the original copies so no person could distort or misuse what I had created originally.

During the time I spent with many patients suffering from Breast Cancer I observed that if this deadly disease was not stopped or controlled, it could spread beyond the breast and end up in other areas of the body.

That is when I felt I must do everything in my power to alleviate this suffering.

So Ladies: You are not Alone…….We are Here to Help.

R.P.Bhalla writes extensively on Health and Relationship issues.


Government Support To Drive Rapid Growth In Us Healthcare It Industry

Government Support To Drive Rapid Growth In Us Healthcare It Industry

US healthcare IT market is going through a tremendous growth phase as countrys government is providing requisite support to the industry by providing huge incentives and formulating various regulations. Moreover, there has been introduction of many programs which would provide significant investments in healthcare IT technical assistance and resources to assist providers with adopting, implementing, and optimizing the use of customizable health IT tools and thus enhancing the adoption rate.

According to our latest report, US Healthcare IT Market Outlook 2018, countrys healthcare IT market is witnessing a tremendous growth owing to declining costs of HIT systems implementation, stricter government regulations and huge incentives for implementation. Moreover, current industry trends such as emergence of cloud computing in healthcare IT, growing strategic collaborations and rapid technological upgradation in the industry are also propelling growth in the industry. Considering the above factors, the US healthcare IT market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 10% during 2014-2018.

Our report provides an in dept analysis of countrys healthcare IT industry, including the current and future market size for various industry segments. The report features market analysis of HIT segments (hardware, software and services) coupled with the in-depth analysis of major HIT components. These components comprises of hospital information system (it covers EMR, CPOE, CDSS, MIIS), pharmacy information system and laboratory information system.

Further, our study delves into the potential growth areas of healthcare IT market in the country which would help the client to get deeper information about the industry. In addition to that, various regulations have been covered in the report which are affecting industry growth or may affect in the future.

Also, we have covered an in-depth analysis of competitive landscape covering business overview, key financials, strength & weakness analysis and recent developments of major healthcare IT vendors of the country. Overall, the report provides an unbiased view into the state of countrys healthcare IT industry which would facilitate clients in analyzing the driving forces and understand the existing opportunities in the industry.

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