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Nanobee To Fight Cancer

Nanobee To Fight Cancer

Several decades back, nanotechnology was just starting. Today, it was able to penetrate many industries at an amazing level. The development seemed rapid. And because it poses minimal risk, an even wide application is expected in the coming years. As of the latest improvements, particularly in medicine, there is the nanobee.

Promising results of nanobee use in tumor treatment brighten the hope of cancer patients following the tests conducted on mice. Dr. Samuel Wickline, director of the Siteman Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, said that for about five years, the treatment would be widely available for humans.

Nanobee, which uses nanotech, is designed to destroy cancer cells by delivering a synthesized version of toxin called mellitin that is also found in bees. Wickline explained that Melittin, which would otherwise result in substantial destruction of red blood cells and other normal tissues if it were delivered intravenously alone, is completely safe when it’s on a nanoparticle.

Nanobees, by contrast, are engineered to travel directly to tumor cells without harming any others. They leave the healthy cells alone because the blood vessels around a tumor are like a “postal address” for the nanobees, Wickline said. These vessels express a particular protein to which a substance on the nanobees has a chemical affinity.

Other researchers, though in doubt whether the treatment will be available soon, do not disagree on the possible success of nanobees. Dr. Ellen Vitetta said it will be at least 10 years before this approach finally gets into the market. She reasoned that what works in mice doesnt always work on humans. Vitetta also works on targeted nanotech cancer therapies, targeted antibody cancer treatment in particular, at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

By the middle of next year, nanotech technique for prostrate cancer treatment will in the clinical trials said Robert Langer, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor and a leader in the nanotech field. And in about one to two years, clinical trials for nanotech ovarian cancer treatment could take place, said lead author Daniel Anderson at MIT.

Many cancer stricken people surely pray that this research become successful. We can help by showing support as these researchers further the test. In time, the treatment would be performed by people in nursing uniforms with clear view of successfully curing cancer.

AdderRx – A Good Adderall Substitute

AdderRx – A Good Adderall Substitute

People affected with ADHD or ADD most likely take medications like Adderall or Ritalin for keeping the disorder under control. These medications assist in improving the focus making it easier for people to direct attention on their tasks. Hyperactivity symptoms are also eased and people can sit still without getting restless for longer periods of time. This helps to make life more productive which is definitely a positive sign. But the sad part is that, such type of medical coverage is not available for everyone to buy these prescription drugs. Most of these people look for Adderall substitute which provides same benefits without side-effects.

There are people who make abusive use of these drugs for the benefits they offer even though they are not affected with these disorders. This is not at all legal. For such people, the best way is to find an alternative that can offer focus boosting benefits without it being some pharmaceutical product. The alternative is known as AdderRx. Prescription is not required for this drug but it is good Adderall substitute that helps in increasing attention span, energy and focus. The product contains compounds which help in improving mental function and is not addictive like the pharmaceutical product.

Various helpful ingredients are present in this product that improves brain functioning. These ingredients offer different advantages like increasing concentration on tasks, overall energy, mental focus and brain activity.

One would be wondering as to why choose this Adderall substitute over other medication available at doctor’s office? People, who are just starting out will find it a lot cheaper. As prescription is not required for this product, high co-pays can easily be avoided along with the huge price of well known medications. The other important aspect is that it comes without any side-effects. The Adderall medication has quite a few side-effects which is extremely harmful. One of the added bonuses of AdderRx is the energy boost it offers, thanks to the natural ingredients present in it.

There is a guarantee of money back available with the product. Even though this product might not be as popular as the other medications but offers several benefits without side effects. This product is definitely worth a try and there is nothing to lose as the only aim is to increase focus. NEXGEN BIOLABS, INC. is a global leader in the development of premier nutraceuticals, Adderall substitute and designer pharmacological supplements and strives to meet unmet health and medical needs through excellence in science.

Cross Country Running-six Mental Tips

Cross Country Running-six Mental Tips

Long distance running can often be grueling and severely uncomfortable. How is it that some people love it while others despise the very thought of it? Experienced long-distance runners use the following mental tips and practices to make running fun.
First, you need to let your imagination wonder. I know, running requires concentration, but it can be eased through the right thought process. Never think about what your body is doing, or the fact that your head keeps bobbing up and down. Focusing on your aches and pains only makes them worse. Do you remember those days in school when class seem to drag on for an eternity? The reason it took so long was probably because you were watching the clock. If you can could have got your mind off of how much you were dying to get out of there, time would have passed more quickly. Time flies when you are distracted.
Second, concentrate on overcoming one runner at a time. In a sense, this statement contradicts my first. While it is good to keep your mind distracted, you need to keep a small, narrow section of your brain focused on the race. This is why mental work for long-distance running is so hard, you need to be distracted and concentrated simultaneously. Look to the runner ahead of you, and start lengthening your strides to the point that you are gradually shortening the distance between the two of you. Pass him, and look to the next runner.
Third, avoid all unnecessary movements. These include wiping away sweat, fixing your running uniform, slapping a bug on your arm, clearing your eyes, etc. If it doesn’t make you run faster, and you don’t have to do it, then by all means do not do it!
Fourth, be mindful of your stride length. As the race goes on, your strides will start to get gradually slower. Return yourself to a normal pace whenever you notice this. However, do not overwork yourself or you will hit a hard wall before the race ends.
Fifth, enjoy the scenery! This goes back to my first tip, you need to take your mind off of how much you want to stop. So look around, count the flowers, and smile at the birds. Some coaches recommend talking to yourself, but I do not because it disrupts your breathing patterns.
Sixth, getting mad or angry can actually motivate you to run harder. Imagine someone running in front of you, some one you don’t particularly like. Now imagine they turn around and start laughing at you because you are slow and will never finish the race. While this may seem a bit bizarre, anger can be a great incentive if you know how to use it.

Anti-Aging Supplements to Ease Your Way through to the Youth of Health

Anti-Aging Supplements to Ease Your Way through to the Youth of Health

The journey to achieving a more youthful appearance may not just be all about slowing down or possibly reversing the aging process. At the end of the day, many would most likely agree that it would also greatly matter to be able to maintain good health and well-being as a person ages. This is where the so-called anti-aging supplements would come in.

These supplements do not exactly smooth away wrinkles or help turn back the hands of time like how an anti-aging serum does. But, they can help you retain your health and wellness as you age thus allowing you to enjoy youthful vigor. Here are some supplements worth knowing about:

Coenzyme Q-10

Otherwise known as ubiquinone, CoQ10 is a nutrient that your body naturally produces. It plays a vital role for the healthy functioning of your cells. It does this by entering the energy centers of cells called -mitochondria’. It then aids in transforming sugars and fats into energy. Studies have further indicated that CoQ10 works as a protective antioxidant that can prevent the decline of cognitive abilities.


This is a polyphenol found in the skin of berries and grapes. Researchers say that this maybe the logic behind the French paradox – -people who take in wine have lesser health ailments’. Leonard Guarante, Ph.D., MIT biology professor and an anti-aging specialist says that resveratrol can influence sirtuins (proteins that help keep cells healthy), and Sir T1 gene (a gene that helps govern cellular longevity).


The name refers to an Indian spice that is responsible for the yellow color of a curry dish. This is a protective antioxidant that aid in shielding the body from age-related conditions. The findings of a research study conducted in the University of Arizona in 2010 revealed that the turmeric extract can lessen bone loss and arthritis in aging women.


Researches indicate that the regular intake of multivitamins can lead to a longer life. According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in 2009, women who have been taking multivitamins regularly have been found with longer telomeres (protective caps found at the end of chromosomes that grow shorter as people age). Longer telomeres are linked to health and youth.

Omega 3-Fatty Acids

These are healthy fats that shield the body from various chronic health conditions therefore making the body look and live young. These essential fatty acids can significantly reduce inflammation thus lessening the risk to chronic conditions. Moreover, it also lessens the amount of lipids produced which decrease cholesterol. Finally, it minimizes platelets thus mitigating excessive blood clotting.

Whichever of these you intend to use, what is important is that you complement your supplement of choice with a healthy lifestyle. Taking sufficient rest, exercising, and keeping your brain active are great practices that can really go far. And, it wouldn’t hurt to also try an anti-wrinkle formula to help you achieve a more vibrant and stunning skin.

Ultimately, an anti-aging skin care, a balanced diet, and a lifestyle that adheres to holistic wellness are winning combinations that should help grant you more youthful years.

Coffee Offers An Instant Facelift!

Coffee Offers An Instant Facelift!

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive cosmetic treatment or invasive surgery, then rely on coffee to alleviate your wrinkles!

Wrinkles are caused by free radical damage underneath the surface of the skin that can develop over time. This is precisely why it is helpful to use proven anti aging ingredients, like antioxidants, to neutralize this free radical damage and prevent premature aging. Free radical damage comes from a number of outside sources, including sun damage, pollution, and smoking. The best way to protect yourself is to use topical antioxidant facial care products to neutralize this damage and restore skin below the surface.

Regardless, if age has gotten the best of you, then it can become perplexing to determine which anti-wrinkle product is right for you when there are so many on the market. Nescaf is well known for manufacturing instant coffee, and they have started selling a product specifically for women that contains the ingredient collagen for beauty benefits. This is a drink that can be used instead of a topical wrinkle treatment, and these individual instant coffee servings contain coffee, skim milk, and 200 mg of collagen. This is a protein that is naturally found in the body tissue, and it is beneficial in reducing wrinkles because collagen is responsible for keeping the skin tight and firm. As free radical damage begins to compromise your complexion, it will break down collagen fibers. As you age, collagen will also naturally break down, leaving your skin sagging and wrinkled. The best way to see an immediate difference in your skin tone is to use collagen to boost and firm the fibers underneath the surface of your skin.

This product is supposed to promote positive beauty benefits for the general health of the body and skin. You can find collagen as a popular ingredient within many anti aging products, and it is currently also being used in food and drink products to benefit overall wellness. Again, collagen is a fiber that is found underneath the exterior of the skin, and it is what makes your skin feel plump and supple, like when you were a teenager.

So far, this instant beauty drink has only been introduced to the market in Singapore, and health experts are still determining how drinking collagen can impact the skin as it is being broken down in the body. Collagen is the material that gives skin its elasticity, and it often can be found in filler injections from cosmetic surgeons. Collagen is a popular ingredient within many anti-wrinkle creams, and it is now being introduced to the coffee market for seemingly “instant” beauty benefits.

The bottom line is that drinking collagen has not yet been proven to provide an instant facelift, but coffee is still full of beauty enhancing ingredients. Coffee contains a large number of antioxidants, which will work to neutralize free radical damage in the body for a fresher and younger you! This is the best beverage of choice to remain healthy and beautiful.

How Medical Alternating Air Mattresses Work And Their Benefits

How Medical Alternating Air Mattresses Work And Their Benefits

Medical Air Mattresses provide greater circulation and greater comfort for medical patients who may have to spend very long, extended periods of time in a bed. In an effort to reduce bed sores and pressure points alternating air mattresses were conceived. New Medical Air Mattress will leave patients of any hospitals fresh feelings. Why fresh you may ask? Because its air pressure is continually changed, which helps to keep fluid and blood flowing, eliminates waking and turning, improves circulation. Medical Air Mattresses are better than other beds for hospitals. Why are they better? They will be more comfortable not only for the patients of the hospital, but also for the nursing staff of the hospital. Alternating Pressure Mattress will help to all nurses with different experience: it will help to nurses to identify which patients are at risk, it will also help to gauge its severity. Nursing staff of the hospital will be able to learn how to notice six factors of risk involved in preventive care.

Alternating Pressure Mattress were developed and made according to the latest technologies and according to the latest effective features in the clinical sphere. All of these mattresses have user friendly control and it is very easy to setup them. They are ideal for use for the patient who are bounded to home or for use in different institutions, such as hospitals. As it was already said Medical Air Mattresses were made according to the latest technologies and they are also made according to all standards for hospital beds. Any patient can use them. One limit is the weight of a patient: the maximum possible weight is 350 lbs. Medical Air Mattress for hospitals also meet all possible fire requirements. System of Alternating Pressure Mattresses offers therapy of alternating pressure, which will help to heal and prevent bedsores. It has adjustable pump, which is very quiet. These mattresses can be used both in hospital care and for care at home. They are very convenient, easy to use and users-friendly. Problems with health may happen to everyone. We can get some injury and we can be placed in the hospital. It is very important for any patient to be in comfort conditions. Being in comfort conditions will help to the patient to become healthier faster. Medical Air Mattresses will help to do this.

Medigap California to Help You On Your Healthcare Matter

Medigap California to Help You On Your Healthcare Matter

The important information that you should know before you start reading this page: Medicare does not cover the whole cost of healthcare desired by mature adults. It takes care of few things like ingoing hospital costs and the related expenses that come with it. This is the reason to think about a supplementary plan that may help you in the time of emergency. Medicare supplement insurances are planned to help you this way.

Now, as a citizen of California, you may know the survey report that says: it was 157% increase of mature adults (defined as 60 years or older people) in 1950-1990 in California. In 2010, it would come in a 1:5 ratio e.g. one mature adult in each 5 Californians. It is the expectation that the percentage would be increased about 232% by 2040. It means 12.5 million people would be mature adult on 2040 in California. What would be the scenario of Medical supplement insurance by that time in California? Everybody would have run for the best Medicare supplement plan which would seem like a challenge. To get rid of this challenge, try to manage Medigap California now!

Its time to know few things that would help to set your mind and decide to choose the best Medicare supplement insurance for you. It may cause a disappointment that California government does not play a direct role to solve out the problem yet. There is no governmental practice to help on Medicare supplement plans. However, you would find ample of Medicare supplement insurance companies who have hold a good package. Do not hurry but take your time to compare between all the Medicare supplement insurance companies to find out the best one for you.

The first thing you can do is to contact with the agents of the companies to learn about their schemes. It would be easier if you can understand the attitude of the agent properly to understand the market position of the company from whom you are going to by your Medigap California. If the agent takes time to reply you about their schemes or cannot clear up everything properly do not go for the company. Avoid those who ask you to find out the details from their web pages. Try not to be involved with those who have a complicated procedure. Choose the agent who has a clear vision on the matter with a simple procedure and provide you the quote of the Medicare supplement plans of the company quickly with his/her telephone no and email address.

If you are done with this much it would be easier to do the rest. Go through all the Medicare supplement plans of the company. If you cannot decide alone you may take help of the adviser of the social welfare group of your locality. They may help you to compare Medicare supplement plans of the company to choose the best Medicare supplement plan for you. You do not have to be bother for your future anymore; Medigap California is there to take care of the rest.

The Best Anti-aging Supplements For Men

The Best Anti-aging Supplements For Men

Though women have long been anxious regarding their appearance, men are nowadays catching up with them when it comes to defying the signs of aging. Male anti-aging supplements are designed for use discretely, to ensure that you may make yourself look many years younger, without giving away your secret. With the advantages of modern medicines, you can keep your youthful appearance long after you’ve stepped into middle age, and continue to draw in older women in pursuit of something youthful, and of course attract young women yourself. By simply taking a small supplement each day, you may hold back time, and keep yourself appearing fresh.

If you select to use something like Marine 3D, you will be telling your body that the time has not still come for cozy slippers and early nights. Instead, you will experience the energy and look of a man in the initial stages of his life, when drink and late nights were really the only things on your mind.

You should be able to maintain your face and energy levels as that of a man in his 30s, yet when you are well into retirement. The supplements keep you from aging by simply providing a chemical that diminishes as we tend to age, and insuring that you just get a chemical boost that can provide you extra energy, and stop skin from becoming wrinkled.

Several Marine 3D Reviews from clients are available on the internet, so you may read for yourself how men feel about using these supplements. The anti-aging chemicals make certain that you may still hold on to muscle mass, and curb the amount of fat you put on, therefore your body can match your face, and neither will look your age. Additionally, with the chemicals in Marine 3D you could feel a greater zest for life, and also have reduced cholesterol, that is something that everybody over the age of forty could wish for.

The main ingredient described by most Marine 3D reviews is that of Seanol. It is extracted from seaweed, and performs similar roles as many antioxidants that will be found on the shelf at your supermarket. But, there is also lots of Calamarine within the Marine 3D supplement, that will permit you to absorb more Omega 3 fatty acids, which are once more required to look and feel young. Together with the Calamarine, the Seanol provides a strong anti-aging signal to your body that will flip back your age years, if not complete decades, and offer you everything you want for a improved, younger lifestyle and appearance that can be the envy of all your contemporaries.

Types Of Plastic Bags Used In The Healthcare Industry

Types Of Plastic Bags Used In The Healthcare Industry

Plastic bags are one of the most essential products used in the healthcare industry. They provide the flexibility needed to store and carry a variety of medical equipment. Also, plastic bags can prevent diseases and infections from spreading. Read on to learn about different kinds of plastic bags used in the healthcare industry.

Plastic bags play a major role in the healthcare industry. They are an excellent way to store medical equipment and ensure the safety of patients as well as the hospital staff. It is imperative to use high quality plastic bags that are made from strong high density material.

Apart from storing medical equipment, plastic bags are also used to collect medical waste produced in the healthcare industry. Medical waste includes needles, broken glass, lancets and used blades that are infectious and can cause diseases. Hazardous chemical waste, usually found in laboratories, such as toxic, corrosive and explosive chemicals are also kept in these bags. Plastic bags are essentially used to safely dispose of all garbage and trash from the medical facility.

There are different types of plastic bags used in the healthcare industry depending on the purpose. Some of the most common plastic bags are as follows:

* Respiratory Setup Bags: Manufactured using low density polyethylene (LDPE), these plastic bags are suitable to gather and pack respiratory setup items such as breathing masks and endotracheal tubes. Usually these bags find applications in respiratory and pulmonary departments.

* Used Blood (Transport) Bags: These plastic bags are also made from LDPE. Basically, these bags are used in various blood banks, surgical and other settings. Such bags come into use when blood is being transported from one place to another. They have a zip-style closure with a printed biohazard symbol, and a pocket for keeping paperwork away from the inside of the bag.

* Sickness Bags: The air sickness bag is manufactured with thick high density polyethylene (HDPE). It is used in schools, emergency rooms, exam rooms and at the bedside to provide convenience during nausea, illness or motion sickness. It comes either with a twist-tie or tape closure.

* Emesis Containment Bags: These are sickness bags with higher capacity. These plastic bags are designed to ensure cleanliness of hands. Usually, emesis containment bags come to use during chemotherapy sessions. These bags come with a printed set of instructions on the outside of the bag.

* First Aid Ice Bags: These plastic bags are flexible and stretch to withstand cold temperatures. Available in different sizes, these plastic bags are ideal to lower the impact of swelling from surgery.

Several other plastic bags, such as infection control, operating room usage, medication transfer and storage bags are available for the healthcare industry. When purchasing these plastic bags for your medical facility, it is essential to buy from a reputable and trustworthy supplier of medical bags. It is advised to choose a reliable supplier with a considerable amount of experience in the field.

Five Details About Gold Metal

Five Details About Gold Metal

Gold is a valuable piece of metal. It has changed countless lives. Its widely used today because of its amazing properties. Originally, it was used as decoration due to its striking color, brightness and shine. It could be rolled and stretched like the wire. Moreover, it may also be flatten like a thin sheet through hammering.

Brief History
Of all the precious metals ever discovered, gold was the first one to be mined for it’s extraordinary beauty. Generally, gold appears in the bottom in its natural form. Ancient Egyptians used gold as decoration for the temples and tombs. In modern Egypt, several gold artifacts have been found dating back more than five thousand years. Experts believe that the gold came from the upper Nile, Red Sea and Nubian Desert regions.

When people found the first gold discovered in creeks and river, slaves and prisoners of wars are the ones who toiled and suffered to get hold of them. From there, the mining and techniques of acquiring gold has greatly changed.

Gold Utilized in Barter
Gold found its use when people began to get to know trade and barter. However, some time past the value of gold depends upon the number and never with its purity. They found that gold is not practical for barter because of the weight of gold and transporting gold is very difficult.

Gold As Decoration
The use of gold as decorative purposes has greatly improved too. People learned how to craft it. They started to blend it with other metal to make the gold jewelry piece sturdier. Pure gold is not heavy duty because it is extremely soft. Kings and queens started wearing their crowns and they filled these symbolic objects with gold.

Gold As Symbol Of Power
Kings and queens and people with great wealth sprinkled dust of gold on their meals or put a gold leaf on the food to prove off their wealth. Gold coins are also used as a recreation by the royals. Before, only the wealthy and the powerful are able to collect gold coins. But time has changed and now even those belonging in the middle class groups are capable of acquiring gold coins and bars for collection and investment purposes.

Gold – Industrial Applications
In the health care industry, small amount of gold are used in the development of medical instruments. There are medical practicioners who also see gold as a cure to certain medical diseases.

Dermatologists use thread made of gold for their clients who want to have younger looking and beautiful appearance. In accordance with a number of studies, pure gold helps in rejuvenating the skin.

Dentist uses gold for dental fillings, crown and bridges. It is tougher than other materials, besides it has no odor and taste. Some people don’t like the concept of using it as a filling for their teeth.

NASA uses a good amount of gold in manufacturing spaceships and other space gadgets. It is use in circuitry because gold is durable and an excellent conductor.

In electronics and electricity, gold being a good conductor of heat and electricity is used in wirings, connectors and switches. It is being use in modern devices too such as calculators, cell phones and computers.

In several churches, crosses and crucifixions are made from gold. The utensils that are used for everyday communions are made of gold as well. Some of the statues of saints very often embroidered with gold. Some clothing for high priest and priestess are sewn in gold thread.

Gold indeed is a very valuable metal. It is widely used today. Above are just some of the many interesting facts about gold. It is wise to invest in gold. Consider the above facts and you are on your way to starting an amazing venture.