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One Consumer’s Observations of the Mental Health Care System in America

One Consumer’s Observations of the Mental Health Care System in America

The Mental health system is a unique culture. Psychiatry itself is, unlike any other medical specialty. Mental health is an enclosed system. That means it is a world within a world. The doctors, therapists, patients, and support workers play roles. It’s a reciprocal environment. Each player in the system allows the other person the opportunity to act out his or her role. For example, the Psychiatrist gives you a diagnosis that has no basis (Yes this does happen from time to time). You, the patient, having complete faith in the powers of the behavioral health system, accept this diagnosis as the gospel truth. In time, you begin to notice certain behaviors and thoughts that you believe may be a sign of your supposed illness. You return to your doctor and report these symptoms. Your Psychiatrist agrees with your observations and writes them down in your medical record. He also inserts his authoritative comments to support his opinion. Therefore, both parties in the relationship are mutually validated in their roles.

When one has been playing the patient role for so long, a person begins to identify himself or herself as a -psych patient.- That-s who you are. This is the term that defines your very existence. You belong to the mental health system. Soon enough you find that every activity you engage yourself in is related to your disorder and the medication your doctor prescribed to suppress it. It’s a sad commentary indeed. It’s sadder still for the person who needlessly struggles against an undefinable defect in his or her character as if the diagnosis were the irrefutable truth. I acknowledge the fact that the unsettling scenario I am painting here is not true for every psychiatric patient.

At some point, the psychiatric patient discovers the benefits of being labeled mentally ill. There are mental health workers, such as case managers who assist the -consumer- in obtaining a free living allowance from the Federal government in the form of Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income in whatever minimal amount it may be. I will add for comfort that social security disability benefits are reported (by the government) to run dry in 2016. A consumer is often entitled to free housing, health care, food assistance, and much more. The mentally ill person may even have the right under certain disability laws to bring a pit-bull into a no-pet residential community. Technically speaking, you could even take it on a commercial airliner. The reason is simply because your therapist deemed it necessary that you have an emotional support animal (oops was that a secret?). Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are people who require a companion animal for their emotional health. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to those who are struggling. What I’m saying that there are incentives built into the system for many people to accept their diagnosis and play out their role.

There are case managers and outreach workers that will go to court with you, and advocate on your behalf before the judge when you run afoul of the law. They will help the mentally ill with all of their personal affairs. What a bargain! Run out and tell all of your friends about it. Let the government take care of you. It makes being a psychiatric patient seem so much more attractive. Why wouldn’t anyone want a Psychiatrist label to them disabled? Again, I’m being sarcastic to make my point that people, who are improperly labeled with a DSM V diagnosis, run the risk of becoming dependent on the mental health system for their needs.

This kind of social welfare encourages people to give up their ambition and motivation. It instills the idea that living a marginal existence is sufficient. I, for one, believe in the greatness people can achieve for themselves and the world by applying themselves.

Remember this. Once you get into the mental health system your chances of getting out are slim. There are a number of reasons for this. Primarily because the Psychiatrist or Psychologist has you convinced that you have a serious medical problem, which you can’t handle yourself. We all know that’s ridiculous. Many people manage their depression and anxiety remarkably well without the use of psychiatric medications. If Ativan calms your nerves and helps you function, then that’s great. On the other hand, I have seen plenty of people become addicted to sedatives. These drugs are unsafe. I wouldn’t put your faith in the safety of the anti-depressants either. I think the pharmaceutical giants are quick to point that out as a result of the numerous class action lawsuits filed against them.

Some blame can be placed on the pharmaceutical companies for this unnatural drug dependence. As I was writing this article, I surfed NAMI’s website (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and noticed -In Our Own Voice,- a public education program, is funded by a grant from Eli Lily. This is the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures psychiatric drugs like Prozac, Zyprexa, and Cymbalta. I gather (without too much mental effort) that Eli Lily’s generosity is a publicity campaign to make them look like one of the good guys in the mental field, and as a result, boost sales. As I surfaced the Internet, I found that NAMI has been receiving their fair share of criticism for their questionable association with pharmaceutical companies. I will not say NAMI is immoral or unethical. That would be too easy. If Ely Lily offered me thousands of dollars, I would have to seriously consider taking it. Sometimes the decision to cross the line depends on one’s real life needs. Other times it just has to do with making a buck. There is no denying that this kind of corporate misconduct adversely affects the mental health system and exacerbates the suffering of its consumers. Again, I know some people require the assistance of the pharmaceutical companies and the psychiatric community. The screening process for prescribing these medications is a big part of the problem. That’s because there is no adequate process in place for dispensing these potentially dangerous drugs.

Society itself contributes to this dysfunctional culture. The general attitude of the public is -As long as they are not bothering us you can do what you please with them.- This gives the mental health providers even more authority to do as they please. And so the psychiatric patient is stripped of his or her rights. As I see it, a psychiatric patient is a human being without respect or dignity. You can call my words dramatic if you like.

It may seem as I am playing the blame game and the taking on the victim role. Allow to clarify the role of the patient in the mental health system (those like myself). I will be the first to admit that the informed psychiatric patient is the one who is primarily responsible for his or her unfortunate situation. We have to accept our role in the system. No one can twist your arm behind your back, and say, -Go see a therapist about your anxiety.- At least that’s true in most cases. When you reflect on why you did it, you will say, -It seemed like a good idea at the time.-

The worst thing a mentally ill person could ever do, is telling someone about his or her condition. As soon as you do, the other person looks at you differently. An automatic flash goes off in the person’s brain, -Oh God. Here we go. His illness is acting up.- This attitude is especially noticeable in the face of a mental health professional, your family members, and closest friends. It’s a universal reaction. From the moment you reveal your secret, everything you do will be blamed on your illness. The ways in which you express yourself as a normal human being will be measured against your supposed disorder. If you are frustrated about something, the people in your life will conclude, -His meds aren’t working.- When people think you cannot hear them, they will gossip amongst themselves, -Oh he’s a psych patient. That’s why he looks agitated. That’s part of his illness.- This attitude is quite common. It comes from a lack of understanding. How could a person know, unless he or she has personally experienced it.

If you should attempt to verbalize your rights as a human being, the mental health provider will proceed to have you committed to a psychiatric hospital against your will. The patient can be held for an indefinite period of time until a clinician decides the person has come to his or her senses. The mental health professionals can essentially do whatever they want with you because no one is going to speak out against them. In Massachusetts, psychiatric patients must retain a specially trained lawyer to represent them before a mental health court in order to be released. This is where we are in 2013. I’ll bet most of you reading this article didn’t know how our behavioral health system works. We are still in the dark ages.

The only time the state of the mental health system is brought to light is when a patient commits suicide or kills someone. Then there is a public uproar and the Psychiatrist or therapist are blamed or in some cases sued. In their defense, no doctor can control the behavior of their patient in society. That is not their job as I see it. The mental health professional cannot be held responsible for the actions of their patients, unless they were grossly negligent in some way. We are free and sovereign human beings. In the United States, people are generally allowed to operate freely without undue interference from others. The American attitude is -No one has the right to tell me what to do.- It’s a slightly different story if the patient states that he or she intends to commit suicide or kill someone. Then the call to duty is activated. Mental illness is a complicated matter. This article presents an insider’s view of the system. My depiction of the mental health system in this paper is not necessarily representative of other people’s experiences. This observation is based on my own experience and perspective.

Smart Pills for Mental Enhancement

Smart Pills for Mental Enhancement

Almost athletes are well known about smart pills that enhance the brain power as well as it will boost the physical strength. But nowadays school and college students are looking smart drugs to boost their brain for better understanding capability. 1 in 5 teen age students and working professionals are already hooked with these brain boosting supplements. Because of busy school and social activities teen age people are simply turned into smart drugs like Nootropics to become smarter through over night. The people who cannot able to diagnose the attention problems, however, these supplements will trigger hyperactivity. These pills may increase the productivity to make you always alert and active.

The most popular ingredient used in Study Pills are adderal which helps to increase the oxygen and glucose level in brain. So that brain cell will be more active and alert in sending commands to other organs in our body. Smart pills also can enhance brain power by increasing levels of neurotransmitters. By increasing levels of essential neurotransmitters memory enhancing supplements can helps to boost memory recall, increase data retention and optimize the cognitive functionality.

Brain boosters are having the power to increase our brain performance by reducing the stress. We don’t be a healthcare expert to recognize that increased stress level lowers our cognitive performance. Bacopa is a supplement that has been reported to do just that, reduce the level of stress and also boosts our mental performance. It has been used in several countries for hundreds of years. It has tested on rats to reduce the stress level. If you are using smart drugs for a long time you may develop a tolerance, and eventually you want to take lot to get the output you need. There are several smart drugs are available in the market for brain enhancement but supplements like Nootropics, Modofinil, Doxiderall are the good to boost the mental performance. You will become addicted and feel a need of in taking smart pills to avoid withdrawal symptoms like, fatigue, depression, or nightmares, hunger. The people who abuse these supplements may deal with some side effects seizures, heart diseases or stroke. So before you being try to use these supplements get an advice with your health care person to get prescribed these smart drugs.

How to Find a Counselor

How to Find a Counselor

A grief counseling agency works brilliantly to give the assistance to persons who are under pressure of mental setback, depression and anxiety. Due to the sudden demise of a close relative, a friend or someone next to heart, one can lose his mental balance. He needs a compact grief counseling treatment to overtake this type of psychological disorder. A grief counselor tries to remove the nightmarish flashback from the mind of a patient by applying innovative tips, and stress removal methods.

Rely on counselors

It is true that man can’t live alone without depending on each other. He is beset with psychological, social, political and economic emotions which provide the long term impact on people. So it is better to ask for the assistance from the social organizations and counselors to remove the existing drawbacks. So far so good, a counseling center extends its hands to victims who suffer from mental agony, stress, financial loss, grief and other problems. Experts try to rescue patients from the state of setback by applying the modern techniques. However, it is essential to find a counselor. You will have to do proper investigations to handpick qualified counselors who will be competent, experienced and properly trained to guide people to get out of the doldrums.

Activities of Competent Counselors

On the other hand, the role of grief counseling department is very much important to cure patients from depression. Grief is a sort of mental setback which weakens mind of a patient. It is a negative emotional compulsion. For instance, a depressed person should be treated well as he is severely affected by grief, frustration and acute depression. Grief counselors try to find out the causes of the emotional outburst. If a person loses his kids due to natural calamity, diseases and accidents, his mental status will be severely bruised and damaged. The duty of an energetic grief counselor is to befriend the patient. He must talk to the mentally disturbed person frankly and in carefree manner so that he won’t feel uncomfortable at the time of making conversations.

Prerequisites fulfilled of a counselor

People should not be confused to find a counselor. Therefore, before the final commitment, he should check the previous records, testimonials and documents which showcase the talent and experience of the counselors. It is necessary to analyze properly through comparisons and investigations. Grief counseling methods should be suitable to persons who want relief from the mental trauma.

Group therapy and grief counseling can be beneficial as group therapy can be more cost effective and beneficial to see others dealing with same issues.

New age technology in effect

Online websites are helpful to people to find counselors for the removal of stress, and grief. To find a counselor, a person must decide properly. Instead of hiring an experienced counselor at first sight, he must do a comparison study to appoint a grief counselor or a group therapist. In this connection, you can also talk to professional therapists and experts to get their valuable feedbacks.

Ryan FitzGerald is the Co-Founder of WebTribes Inc. WebTribes is a network of online community websites designed to bring people with similar life issues together from around the world that are in need of support. The support communities are for people affected by Depression, Addiction, OCD and HIV/Aids. Browse Therapy Tribe to How to Find A Therapist, Louisville Therapists and Columbus Therapists.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Coaching

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Coaching

OCD Coaching: A New Option In Treatment

OCD Coaching is something that is becoming more popular as a form of treatment for those suffering from this disorder. People with OCD often are aware of how irrational and abnormal their fears and compulsions are, but they can’t seem to let go of them. Through life coaching a person is helped through the process of letting go and taking control over their fears and compulsions. Additionally, OCD Coaching can help them to learn how to live with their OCD without letting it take over their life.

A Little About OCD

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a condition that is based on fear and anxiety. A person with OCD is overwhelmed by fears and is driven to compulsive behaviors which usually include counting, putting things in order and repeating actions. OCD makes a person believe that if they fail to act a certain way or carry out their compulsions then their fear will become a reality. This disorder can become so bad that it takes control over a person’s life and they feel their compulsions are dictating everything they do.

Finding a treatment for OCD is not an option. It is something that you have to do when you suffer from this disorder. Your life and the life of everyone you love are affected by OCD, so you have to get help for yourself and for them. Fortunately, it is possible for you to treat your OCD and get on with your life OCD-free.


OCD Coaching is based on the idea of treating OCD as a behavioral condition and not a mental disorder. OCD has often been treated as a mental disorder, which meant treating with medication and psychotherapy. These methods often worked, but were not a complete solution. With OCD Coaching, a person gets a complete treatment that will help them live their life without having to ever worry about OCD again.

OCD Coaching works through altering behavior and mind patterns that lead to the OCD compulsions. Coaching works by helping a person overcome fears, face fears and learn to rationally deal with fears. The person is taught how to fight off the OCD and control it, so that it does not start to take over their life again. The things that a person learns through coaching are things that they will use for the rest of their lives so that OCD never is a problem again.

Life coaching for OCD uses some traditional exposure therapy mixed with traditional life coaching therapy. The idea is that talking through OCD alone is not enough to treat the problem. The person has to both talk through it and be exposed to fears so they can learn to control it. It is a one-on-one treatment that approaches OCD from all angles to ensure a person can overcome the disorder.

OCD Coaching is well worth considering if you suffer from the disorder or if you have a loved one that does. It is not easy living with OCD and traditional treatments often drop the ball when it comes to a long term solution. Through coaching a person with OCD can finally live a life free from compulsions and fears.

Mood Vitamins

Mood Vitamins

Are you depressed? Anxious? Moody? Many of us who are turn to pharmacutical relief, or we play mental and emotional games with ourselves to try and “ride it out.” But the reality of the situation is that with the proper nutrition, or “mood vitamins,” we can actually feel better than we have in years, all the time, without drugs. Without mental games.

A deficiency in Vitamin B may be to blame for many of our emotional challenges. The B-Complex vitamins are essential to the well-being of our mental and emotional health. Unlike most nutrients, our bodies don’t really store a surplus of the B vitamins. Rather, we must regularly consume them to harness their healing power.

The B vitamins can only enhance your mood if they are left intact and healthy within your body. An excess of refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol will essentially destroy the vitamin, rendering it useless. This will only serve to perpetuate anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide. If you experience these feelings, immediately discontinue the use of those harmful substances.

Then, begin a B vitamin supplementation regimen by taking the following:

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – This is the vitamin your brain uses to convert blood sugar into fuel. When it is deficient, your brain will run out of energy at an alarming rate, causing depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, and suicidal thoughts. This vitamin is critical in maintaining emotional balance and a “zest for life.”
Niacin (Vitamin B3) – A minor deficiency in this critical vitamin will lead to agitation, anxiety, and mental & physical slowness. A major deficiency can cause Pellagra, or dementia & psychosis. This vitamin keeps you active and sane.
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – Two substances your brain combines and uses to keep your mood in check and avoid depression are amino acids and acetylcholine. A deficiency in B5 prevents this from happening, resulting in major fatigue, chronic stress, and depression. This vitamin is so important in keeping you emotionally stable and able to cope with life.
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – Your brain uses this vitamin to process amino acids and create seratonin, as well as melatonin and dopamine. B6 deficiency can result in mental confusion, along with immune system challenges and skin lesions. When this vitamin is in ample supply, you should feel sharp and alert.
Vitamin B12 – This is a critical element in the formation of red blood cells. A B12 deficiency is perhaps the scariest B vitamin deficiency, as it leads to a condition called pernicious anemia, an oxygen transport problem. Symptoms include confusion, irritability, dementia, hallucinations, weakness, dizziness, and tingling in the extremities, among others. When in ample supply, this vitamin will help keep you oxygenated and centered.

In addition to an all natural, whole-food B vitamin supplement, I also highly encourage you to pick up both a whole-food multi-vitamin and a powerful antioxidant formula. The acai berry and green tea are phenomenal antioxidants that will kill any free radicals that could potentially hinder the effectiveness of your B, and other mood vitamins.

On a final note, please avoid your corner grocery or drug store. They deal mostly in synthetics. We want whole-food vitamins, as they are the only kind your body will actually recognize, assimilate, and use. Get to know the nice people at your best local health food store.

Mood disorders like depression, anxiety or panic, irritability, and apathy can be debilitating. They can ruin lives. They even did me in, once upon a time. “Mood vitamins” will give you the best fighting chance, I assure you.

You’re going to do great! Thank you for reading.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You More – 6 Helpful Tips To Make Him Want You More

How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You More – 6 Helpful Tips To Make Him Want You More

If you are really interested on making your boyfriend want you more than ever, then make sure you read this article and follow these simple tips on how to make your boyfriend want you more.

1. First, never make yourself too available for him.
Pretend to be busy even if you are not. Make sure that when he asks for a date, there should be an advanced booking of two days; otherwise, reject his offer of a date. Doing this, you are making him realize that you are someone who is important and should be prioritized; and not someone who can be a rebounder for a previously rejected date with another woman.

2. Before consenting to a date, stop and breathe for a while.
This is to send the message across that he should always be on his toes as far as courting or dating you is concerned, or else he might just find himself losing you even before he is able to hear your yes. With this tip on how to make your boyfriend want you more, you will be guaranteed that he is going to ward himself off from flirting girls even though you are not around.

3. Third, be an easy going person.
It should not matter whether you are dining in an expensive restaurant or simply eating popcorn in front of your TV. Bear in mind that your ultimate objective is to keep your man beside you.

4. What is more, another known technique of how to make your boyfriend want you more is when the two of you are together and walking hands together, make sure that you will be the one to let go of his hands the first.
They say that if you do it, your man will be reminded that he should focus only on you and not look at anyone else, or you might be drifting away without him noticing it.

5. Make sure you are always dressed so nicely.
Men hate it when their women are dressed up so sloppily looking like garbage. Surely, you would not want your man to look away for a different woman.

6. Last of all; make it a point to read the newspapers at all times.
Listen to the radio. You might be able to pick up some intelligent discussions that you could discuss with him when you are together. Remember that one very essential technique of how to make your boyfriend want you more is by establishing a connection with your man, not just in terms of physical connection, but most importantly, a mental connection.

Yes, it is true. True love is not here to stay for all times; thus, it becomes very crucial for women to learn the art of making their men yearn for them more.
Otherwise, you will just be opening yourself into a relationship every time you see a man that interests you, but never keeping that man for not knowing hoe to make him want you more.

Mental Math Games (part 2 Of 3)

Mental Math Games (part 2 Of 3)

In the introductory article, it was argued that learning mental math skills remains an important element of a child’s education, even in the age of the calculator. So what should you do if you feel your son or daughters mental math needs a boost? Rather than rushing headlong at the problem, it’s important to first establish how your student is performing in relation to their peer group, how mental math is taught at school and how engaged they are with the subject.

Start by meeting with the classroom teacher to find out how your child is taught mental math at school. Is it by using traditional methods which mix learning by rote and quiz type questioning? Does the class use eLearning software either for the delivery of mental math lessons on a whiteboard or for individual learning? In most cases, teaching will include a mix of all three elements, in which case it’s important to find out from your child which approach to learning they enjoy and respond to the most. The final question to ask the teacher is how your son or daughter is performing in relation to the class as a whole, when it comes to mental math. If their mental math performance is average or above average for their age, you can take an approach to improving their mental math skills which uses fun math games and activities, allowing the kid to progress at a rate that suits them. However, if your kid lags behind their peer group, a more structured and intensive period of remedial mental math is appropriate, in which you allocate a set amount of time each week to mental math activities and monitor their progress closely. Whichever approach is required, we’ll look at a few interesting ways to introduce mental math into your child’s everyday life in a way that they’ll be unaware that they’re improving their mental math skills.

Sports and Games Involving Mental Math
When I was at school, the best mental math student in our class was a kid who didn’t like math at all, but out of school he spent most of his time playing darts. He went on to study finance and is now a very successful merchant banker, which is a moral tale that will appeal to some parents more than others. However, darts is an excellent game for improving a child’s mental math skills. The game involves players in the full range of math: subtraction, addition, multiplication and division as part of the scoring process. Better still, the complexity of the mental math skills required to score and to calculate ‘finishes’ increases as a player’s darts skills improve, so that your kid’s mental math and darts abilities will improve hand in hand. For parents concerned about the safety implications of allowing kids to play darts, there are a number of junior darts alternatives for younger kids which follow the same format as playing conventional darts, but without any risk of injury.

The other traditional leisure activity that I advocate for improving mental math skills is playing board games. There are numerous board games which involve rolling dice to move around a board, but the one of the best board games for developing the complete range of mental math skills is Monopoly. When playing Monopoly each player moves around a board buying, developing and selling property with the aim of bankrupting all the other players in order to win. What makes Monopoly different from many board games is that one of the players is appointed banker, a role which requires them to manage many of the financial aspects of the game, including arranging mortgages on properties, taking payments and giving change. If you put a child whose mental math needs a boost in the role of banker (and ensure that the other players have the patience of saints) in time, you’ll find his or her mental math skills flourish while everyone is having fun. The great thing is that Monopoly gives everyone more than enough time for practical mental math practice, as the game has a reputation for being interminable. In fact, the longest recorded game of Monopoly lasted for 1,680 hours, which is 70 days or 10 weeks. Just think how good your young bankers mental math would be after such a monumental game and how frayed everyone else’s tempers might be as a result!

In the concluding article of the series, we’ll consider the role that online math games can play in improving a kid’s mental math skills.

How To Stop The Runaway Train Of Mental Illness By Betty Byrd

How To Stop The Runaway Train Of Mental Illness By Betty Byrd

One in six adults and nearly one in ten children in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder. Yet, there remains a stigma associated with being bipolar and being related to someone who is. Never mind that Edgar Allen Poe was bipolar or that President Theodore Roosevelt was too. Or that people with bipolar disorder can lead extraordinary and meaningful lives. Look at Winston Churchill, Virginia Wolf, and Rosemary Clooney. No matter how talented or famous someone is, if they’re in a situation dictated by mental illness, it can at times feel like a runaway train. Jim Carey and Robert Downey, Jr. know what it’s like, so do Robin Williams, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Ben Stiller.
Dealing with a mentally ill family member is anything but a cakewalk. I should know. My mother, a Christian Science fanatic, refused to take medication to manage her sickness. During my formative years, I lived through extremes; from minute to minute I didn’t know what she might do. My childhood was spent being tossed around like a ping-pong ball. At sixteen, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist reluctantly told me to leave home and never look back because I was living in an incurable situation. Sadly, I hit the road, riddled with pot holes, lacking any parental advice. During those formative years I didn’t have a choice, but now, in 2011, things are beginning to change.

I went on to become an actress and later a novelist. I took it to heart when I read that Ernest Hemingway said, “A writer’s style should be direct and personal” For me, it’s therapeutic to write about the disease that robbed me of my mother and stole any chance I may have had to enjoy a normal childhood. I use larger-than-life characters on a backdrop of big oil and big tracts of land to show life on high octane, which, in my experience, is what it’s like to live with the ups and downs of mental illness.

One of my main characters, Olivia Harrison has a history of undisclosed schizophrenia. My novel, Utopia, Texas, shows the terrifying ramifications on a family whose young daughter’s problem goes untreated. Some call the book, which is a stand-alone sequel to my first novel, Trinity’s Daughter, a riveting tale. The character of Maggie Harrison is fashioned after me. Olivia is my mother. Olivia’s mother, Brya, is actually the novel’s protagonist. I use my books as a tool to educate others about what it’s like to live with mental illness, and if not treated it can be devastating to all involved.

As a member of the International Bipolar Foundation, I’m on a mission to try to help erase the stigma associated with this dreaded disease which often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. What’s missing in the equation is proper education, but through advancement of research, medication and support services life can begin to stay on track. Having been one of those children affected, I’m committed to encouraging family members to openly discuss mental illness so that healing can begin.

Currently, I’m working with organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the United States. Through public education, I hope the shame associated with mental illness will be erased. For many, the stigma can be as great a challenge as the disease itself. For people with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, their life is like trying to navigate an unstoppable train-one that’s prone to skipping tracks and changing depots on a quick whim. There is no stopping this locomotive, but it can be slowed down in hopes of reaching a more positive destination.

The Benefits Of Post Workout Supplements

The Benefits Of Post Workout Supplements

Many people do not appreciate the value of taking post workout supplements as they go on in their quest for achieving that well-toned muscular body. The rule of thumb is to avoid substituting these supplements for a balanced diet. Any professional gym trainer will inform you that no matter how hard you work at lifting weights or how disciplined you are in your workout routine, you will achieve very little if you do not eat a balanced diet.

One fact that is unknown to many gym enthusiasts is that the body is not made during the workout process. Muscles are built after a workout, essentially while the body is recovering from the intense physical exercise that an individual has gone through. This means that the post workout supplements that you will take are important since they accelerate muscle growth after the workout.

Also during workouts, the body’s muscles develop very tiny tears due to the intensity of the weights that you have lifted or the pressure you have exerted on your muscles. These tears are the main reason why many people experience soreness a few hours after an intense workout. Fundamentally, the muscles are built as the body tries to repair these tears, and this is what makes bodybuilders attain that beefed up body. Post workout supplements play a huge role in accelerating the process of repairing the torn muscles after working out.

Muscles in the body usually obtain their energy from a sugar called glycogen. However, during a workout session, the glycogen reserves are depleted but the body can recover them. However, they can only be restored back to their normal quantity by eating foods containing glycogen, especially carbohydrates. This process by which muscles gain back used up glycogen can be improved by consumption of not only carbohydrates, but also supplements that contain glycogen.

These supplements also contain Glutathione. Scientific research has shown that Glutathione has the following functions in the body: improving mental clarity, enhancing energy levels and also reducing recovery time between workouts. On top of this, it also aids in curing inflammations in the body that may have affected your subsequent workouts. This is why your body needs amino acids, which are also known building blocks since they help you handle these muscle repairs.

There are also many other nutrients important in the body that are contained in these supplements. Such nutrients include amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. And as a bodybuilder, you should know the importance of proteins in the diet.

Tagara from Himalaya-Natural Herbal Remedies for Insomnia, Anxiety and Epilepsy

Tagara from Himalaya-Natural Herbal Remedies for Insomnia, Anxiety and Epilepsy

What is Tagara from Himalaya?

Tagara is scientifically known as -Valeriana Officinalis’, it is also known as Valeriana wallichi, Valerian, all heal, Jatamansi and Indian Valerian. The roots of Valeriana wallichi root stocks are aromatic oil, which contains valeric acid. Tagara herb is a slightly hairy, tufted herb with thick horizontal rootstocks that contain a sweet smelling essential oil. It is a very good relaxant and used in insomnia and sleep disorders.

Indian valerian is prescribed as a remedy for hysteria, hypochondria, nervous unrest and emotional troubles. Tagara is also used as a carminative. It also forms as an ingredient in various Ayurvedic recipes. Tagara contains a group of iridoid or monoterpenic derivatives, known as valepotriates which are useful as tranquilizers and sedatives. The essential oil of the Tagara root and its rhizome has antibacterial property.

-Tagara’ is scientifically known as -Valeriana Officinalis’ is a powerful Ayurvedic herb that promotes relaxation and good sleep. Tagara also reduces anxiety, nervousness, stress and fatigue.

Tagara from Himalaya promotes Relaxation by treating insomnia and sleep disorders

Tagara Himalaya herb fights against nervous and emotional troubles. It is an herbal remedy to treat mental strain, lack of concentration, excitability, headache, panic attacks, nervous cough, convulsions, migraine, vertigo, muscle cramps and nervous stomach cramps. Tagara is used against emotional stress that may occur with menstruation. Tagara is a very effective Ayurvedic herb that is used to treat insomnia and sleep disorders. Tagara maintains normal nervous function.

Tagara is also a good herbal remedy for respiratory infections. It is a wonderful herb in treating the infections such as cough, cold, asthma and other respiratory diseases. It also helps in reducing the fever associated with the infection. It helps to relieve the breathlessness and wheezing associated with the cough. Tagara in tea is used as a wash for wounds, sores, pimples and other chronic skin diseases. It acts as a nerve tonic and has a relaxing effect, but Tagara taken in excess amounts can cause headaches, spasmodic movements or hallucinations.


It is advised to take one capsule twice a day after meals.

Benefits of Tagara from Himalaya:
Tagara is a natural herbal remedy to treat insomnia and sleep disorders.
Tagara cures anxiety, nervousness and mental strain.
Tagara improves Concentration.
Tagara is a herbal cure for epilepsy.
Tagara herb is also used as herbal remedy for skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and itching.
Tagara is also used for respiratory infections, asthma and respiratory disorders. Side Effects:

No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.

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Tagara from Himalaya is powerful Ayurvedic herbal medicine used in the treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders.